Upgrading to LinkedIn Learning

On July 16, 2019, Lynda.com was rebranded as LinkedIn Learning. Click here for a video overview of the new LinkedIn Learning toolHere are some key points of the transition that you should be aware of:

Who Can Access LinkedIn Learning?

While all of Harvard's current and former Lynda accounts are being converted to LinkedIn Learning accounts, access to the system is governed by the terms of Harvard’s site license.  This means that only currently active Harvard employees and students are authorized to use the application.  Alumni, former employees, and other people who previouslt had a LyndaCampus account but do not have an active Harvard status will not be able to access LinkedIn Learning even if they received an email saying that their account was created.  We apologize for any confusion caused by the wording of LinkedIn's automated message.

How do I log into LinkedIn Learning?

The best way to log into the LinkedIn Learning tool is through the Login button at https://linkedinlearning.harvard.edu/ which will redirect you to HarvardKey and then pass you through to LinkedIn Learning once your authroization is confirmed.

If you are trying to log in on the LinkedIn Learning homepage at https://www.linkedin.com/learning, you can do so by clicking on their Sign In button, then selecting "Sign in with your organization account" and entering a Harvard email address. That will redirect you to HarvardKey to complete your login.

For Lynda/LinkedIn Learning classes taken through the Harvard Training Portal, no extra steps are required as your login to the Portal will take care of your LinkedIn Learning access.  But do see the section below with details about logging in for the first time.

Logging in for the first time / Option to connect your LinkedIn account

When you log into LinkedIn Learning for the first time (using Harvard's Single Sign On page, the Training Portal, or via an email from LinkedIn), the system will create a LinkedIn Learning account for you and give you the option to connect that account to a traditional LinkedIn account. LinkedIn Learning accounts are not the same as LinkedIn accounts and you are not required to have or create a LinkedIn profile in order to access LinkedIn Learning content through Harvard.

If you do choose to connect your LinkedIn Learning account to a LinkedIn account, the system will be able to provide you with a more personalized learning experience that includes course recommendations based on job title, skills, and industry.  It will also add relevant learning content to your LinkedIn feed to keep learning top of mind and easy to access.  Learn more about the benefits of connecting your LinkedIn Profile to your LinkedIn Learning account.

Your Lynda.com courses history will carry over to LinkedIn Learning

Whether you took courses directly on Lynda.com or through the Harvard Training Portal, you will be able to launch your courses and return from where you left off - all of your history and bookmarked courses are maintained during the upgrade.

Enhanced Learning Platform

With the upgrade, LinkedIn Learning will adding enhanced features, including personalized course recommendations and custom learning paths.  Follow this link to: Learn more about the new LinkedIn Learning Platform. 

Additional questions

You can find answers to other common questions about this upgrade by reviewing LinkedIn Learning frequently asked questions page.


Starting on July 16, 2019, if you experience any issues in accessing LinkedIn Learning - whether logging in directly to LinkedIn Learning through Harvard's Single Sign On or launching a LinkedIn Learning course from the Harvard Training Portal, please send an email support ticket to: trainingportalhelp@harvard.edu for assistance.