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Featured "Return to the Office" classes from LinkedIn Learning

Prepare for Returning to the Workplace (42min)
In this course, stress and resilience expert Heidi Hanna presents strategies, tips, and techniques to help you strengthen your emotional health, communication skills, and work performance as we deal with anxiety about returning to a work life that no longer feels familiar. Topics include navigating changes at home and work, resetting boundaries, recalibrating work/home routines, developing a “possibility mindset,” bolstering your patience and flexibility, and more.

Navigating New Professional and Social Norms When Offices Reopen (33min)
Tips, tricks, strategies, and ideas from business etiquette expert Jodi Smith on ways to make your return to the workplace as positive as possible. Explore how to navigate new expectations for social distancing, set and communicate boundaries, and interact with colleagues when offices reopen. Plus, learn tips for being flexible, reducing stress, and re-establishing relationships with coworkers.

Enhance Productivity in a Hybrid Work Environment (17min)
In this course, productivity author Paula Rizzo shows you how to stay on task when switching between locations. Discover how to rethink your physical spaces and prepare both your regular and home office for productivity whenever you're working there. Plus, learn how to stay one step ahead of productivity challenges, including how to deal with new disruptions at home and in the office.

Supporting Your Team as Offices Reopen (35min)
Returning to work doesn't exactly mean returning to "normal," but managers can develop a new and improved normal for going forward. In this course, professional coach Daisy Lovelace goes over important topics and issues to address in (re)establishing trust, revising work protocols, and building a flexible plan to support your team.

Staying Organized While Working Remotely or On-Site (33min)
In this course, organization expert Amy Fritz teaches you how to prepare your work environment to get the most done every day. From organizing your desk to managing your calendar and to-do list, Amy shows you how to stay focused on your actual work. She also offers advice for multitasking, maximizing break times, and maintaining a perfect workspace whether you're in an office or working remotely.



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