First-Time Login Problems

When logging into LinkedIn Learning for the first time, the system sometimes has difficulty regognizing certain Harvard email addresses.  If you get a message saying that it doesn't recognize your email address, or it asks you to login with your LinkedIn password instead of through HarvardKey, then use the steps below to correctly set up your account.

1) Close your browser and reopen it.

2) Go to That should take you to the following screen.  If it doesn't, clear your browser cache and then try again.

LinkedIn Learning Sign In Screen

3) On that screen, ignore the text about entering your email. Instead, just type “” and press Continue.

4) That should take you to the following Single Sign-On redirect screen.

New LinkedIn Learning SSO Redirect

5) Click the Sign In with Single Sign-On button to be redirected to the standard HarvardKey login page.

6) Enter your HarvardKey and complete your Two-Step Verification.

7) You should then be redirected to the LinkedIn Learning homepage and be logged into your new account there.  If you were attempting to launch a LinkedIn Learning course from within the Harvard Training Portal, you should return to HTP and launch the course from there so that it's correctly recorded for your training history. 

Related Information:

Connecting a LinkedIn Profile: When you log in for the first time, LinkedIn Learning may also ask if you want to connect your LIL account to a personal LinkedIn profile. This is not required, but doing so will allow you to keep your LinkedIn Learning history and certificates accessible if you leave Harvard. For help determining if your account is already connected to a profile, refer to these instructions.

Harvard Eligibility: If the above steps did not work, you may not be eligible to use LinkedIn Learning through Harvard. Harvard's site license allows the University to provide access to LinkedIn Learning to current Harvard students (including students actively enrolled at the Extension school), employees, and faculty members only. Harvard alumni, retirees, and employees of affiliated institutions are not covered under this agreement and are therefore not eligible to access LinkedIn Learning through Harvard, even if they have a current Harvard ID. 

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